it’s not about the land

This work is an ongoing process on location in San Carlos Arizona with Native American Apache tribe members, exploring their relationship with the land and struggles they encounter trying to maintain their culture and historic traditions in a contemporary environment.

The Apache community survived extinction during the “Manifest Destiny”, as American settlers expanded westward spreading disease and carrying out the violent removal of Native American tribes. My work involves research into socio-political backgrounds that form the foundation of historic references and ultimately inform the contemporary visuals in my work.

This project does not presuppose a homogenous postcolonial victim and invites consideration of the geopolitical realities of their community in San Carlos Arizona. Renegotiation of the contradictory myths and what might be called history of the people, landscape and politics without a particular agenda is being developed. The challenge is to allow the complexity of the material shape a point of view.

Utilizing large and medium format photography, video and in situ installations that include remnants of the desert community landscape, it’s not about the land explores the complexities of the Apaches’ relationship with the land and history of the people.



Hand printed silver gelatin on fiber paper, 2021 works in progress.

















Scenes from it’s not about the land exhibition, Hoxton Arches Gallery. 2016.